Wednesday, July 14, 2010

That's me.

photo by Jeff Bachner

Yep, that's me. Sweet Sherry Pie or, "Pie", derby girl extraordinaire and lover of all things edible (and some not so much). Luckily, those two claims balance each other out perfectly. I eat what I want, then burn it all off the next day when I go to derby practice.

I'm a fatty trapped inside an athlete's body. Not a bad life, I gotta say.

I skate for Gotham Girls Roller Derby and have since 2005. I am the captain of The Manhattan Mayhem and also a 4-year member of the Gotham Girls All-Stars, currently ranked #1 in the nation. Really, it's pretty kick ass and if you haven't heard about the derby renaissance yet, you should come out from under that giant rock... just for a minute. Maybe grab something tasty to eat while you're at it.

When I'm not skating, I am fooding. Eating food, cooking food, watching food and reading food. Sadly, since I practice three to four nights a week on top of a full time job (gotta pay for all that food!), leisurely cooking time is hard to come by. But I fit it in.

Lucky for me I have Jon, my fatty enabler, to help me along my never ending eating quest.

Jon, weilder of bacon fat, cast iron aficionado and olive oil junkie

Some great stuff comes out of our little Manhattan apartment kitchen: pies, bread, pickled whatevers, fancy-shmancy grilled cheese sandwiches, the "best lasagna I've ever had in my life" (why thanks, Jon!), and lots and lots of huge egg breakfasts...

... after all, an athlete's gotta get her carbs abd protein somehow!

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