Monday, August 2, 2010

World's Largest Yard Sale!

Well, it was another fun-filled weekend at Danna homebase. No time for slow-cooked barbecue this time though (although I did get up early enough), because I was chest deep in 28 years worth of unwanted stuff that has been accumulating throughout two bedrooms, a spare room and the attic. Now multiply that by two parents, two grandparents and three children living in one house, then invite your cousins from down the street to join in, and there you have it: the World's Largest Yard Sale!

Talking Austin Powers cutout definitely attracted passers-by. P.S. Not for sale!

Ok, fine. So maybe it wasn't the world's largest yard sale – it was pretty huge though – but it was definitely the most eclectic... the family Danna is pretty colorful!

A portion of the shoes, dating all the way back to – gasp! – the 90's! Boy, were there some um, interesting ones.

It was great to go through the attic though. Lots of long lost treasures have been suffocating away up there and it was good to see them and either give them new life at the sale/Salvation Army or to hug them up and into your bedroom again.....

Some of our old toys. I had a hard time parting with my old Fisher Price stuff which was still in near perfect condition with all their pieces. A little boy and his mom bought the farm (HA!) and I caved in and kept the brown house... and the sheep from the farm, my favorite piece. His name is now "Chops".

Dad's old 8-tracks. Look closely. There is some great rock and, um, Barbara Streisand. Everyone wanted to buy them, but nobody had a way to play them!

This Santa is as old as I am. Except somebody colored in his face wrinkles with a purple marker, so he was better off entertaining from the bushes.



If anyone ever wonders where I get my personality, here's my dad demonstrating the glider to some interested customers.

Although it was a loooong, busy day, I did find some time to take a stroll through my favorite part of the property to grab myself a little snack-a-roo.

Hello little tasty squash blossom!

I am absolutely obsessed with summer tomatoes right off the vine. They are one of my favorite foods in the entire world... simply a fresh picked tomato and a pinch of salt. It's like you can taste the sunshine in them. I pout and pass by sandy, pale, tasteless supermarket tomatoes all year in anticipation for summer to roll around and these awesome flavor bombs to ripen. A supermarket tomato can't even hold a candle to a fresh in season one.

Tomato and basil leaf. Picked 30 seconds prior.

And then, right back to work!

Enticing potential customers with some choice sale items.


  1. SherryAnn, I loved reading your new post. Great photos. Thanks.

  2. I second that Lucia! The tomato description made my mouth water! Fresh tomatoes and off the tree peaches you just can't beat em!

    Wait until you taste Fa's delectable garden treats!!!You will just love them!

  3. I'm really jealous I wasn't there. And buttons!!!!!